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This order has to be placed for number of composite members with a minimum of 10 members.

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3,00 € (tax excl.)

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This item allows you to create a composite using our software Auto Class Composite available at

The order has to be placed for number of composite members (only members / students, don't count teachers, coachers, etc) and you will be able to:

- Design an interactive composite to be hosted at for one year. You may upload this composite up to 5 times if you want to make modifications, only last one will be visible.

- A local copy of the interactive composite to be viewed using any modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. This composite can be distributed using pendrives, USB storage cards, SD cards, etc.

- Design as many composites as you need in JPG format (both simple and multiple) but take in mind that all this composites have to be made using the same members of the initial one. This JPG composite file can be printed with your own printer or at a local photo lab / store.

- You have 60 days to create the above mentioned composites with our software.