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Looking for Adobe Photoshop Automation Solutions?

You’re in luck!

With over two decades of experience crafting software solutions for photographers, I’ve mastered the art of Photoshop automation. Now, I’m thrilled to offer my expertise to both companies and photographers seeking efficient automation solutions.

If you’ve got a task in Photoshop that could benefit from automation, I can develop a custom application to streamline your workflow. Take a look at my extensive portfolio below.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re ready to supercharge your Photoshop processes. I’m here to help you unlock the full potential of automation. 

Album DS

Album DS Design software is an application for Windows and Mac OS X to create photographic albums with Adobe PhotoshopⓇ.

It includes more than 1300 templates in PSD format, ready for any album size and totally modifiable and combinable with the other complements included like clipart, masks, backgrounds, frames, etc you may also save your own templates and other add ons.
Album DS uses Photoshop’s working area and therefore has no creativity restrictions, you may add any Photoshop filter, retouch pictures, add new layers, etc. Album DS will take care of controlling spreads designed, used images, etc.

Hot One 2008 Best album design software
Hot One 2010 Best album design software

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Album DS images and templates
Album DS spreads
Album DS extras

Album DS includes several awesome features like the layout enabling you to easily assign images and templates to all spreads in the album and the application will design the album for you.
Also the Designer, a tool to create spreads in free design mode with the help of layouts and then export them to Photoshop.
Auto filter templates by number of selected images, drag and drop templates to images and automatically design spreads, smarty autofilling, etc.
You will find complete info and a trial version for 30 days at

Stand alone album design software. For a fraction of our competitors price you’ll get an easy to use but full of features album design software.

Drag and drop, and your spreads are created in no time.
The unique design software to create all spreads together in our grid view, drag between spreads, change layouts, etc.
Thousands of predesigned layouts included, flippable V/H, free design. Fully automated design features.
Includes automatic alignment, gaps, border and safety distance.
Album TD also includes masks, clipart and backgrounds, your style should not be restricted by software.

Hot One 2015 Best album design software
Album TD images
Album TD spreads
Album TD layouts
Album TD masks

Get full info and a trial version for 30 days at

Auto Class Composite is an application for Adobe PhotoshopⓇ to create image composites for schools, teams, bands, groups, etc.

This software creates a composite with the images from a folder or using PSPA data, the composite is created into Adobe Photoshop’s design area full layered.
It automatically places names and text below the images, fully editable in Photoshop.
Includes predesigned frames and you only need to design the first shape layer, ACC will create duplicates for the other composite members.
Full info and a trial version is available at

Auto Class Composite for Adobe Photoshop

If you are looking for a fast, easy to use and affordable album design software take a look at Album XS.

Album XS is an album design software with a lot of features, the same than many of our competitors and some more than others. Album XS includes many predesigned layouts with gap and margin settings, it is easy to use, fast and polyvalent: you may design a wedding album, a senior or glamour book, baptism or communion album or just an images collage.
And Album XS includes a few important features like overlapping, free design, rotations, opacities, integrated editor, etc and the best price, a ridiculously low price.

Album XS for professional photographers

Class Photo Composite  is an application for creating image composites for schools, teams, bands, etc.

Live Class Composite, an innovative software for creating interactive composites for schools, teams, bands, etc.

Live Class Composite merges images and video into one composite which can be hosted online on your own server or being delivered on portable media (SD, USB). 

No monthly fees, no pay per composite. 


Team Photo Composite is an easy to use software for professional sport photographers to create awesome team photography composites in no time

Team Photo Composite will automatically distribute players and coaches into the composite, even arranging them in different rows and taking care of the visibility order.

You may select player size, margins, number of rows and players in each row, the application will distribute them for you and apply the best visibility order.

Swapping, automatic feet alignment, changing z-order, all is included. And you may add your own content to create the best composite in no time.